1. Bilbao Part 1

    17 Jan 2020
    Images taken on a recent trip to Bilbao, Spain. These are just random observations of the city. 

  2. Book Launch and Exhibition - Abbeydale Picture House

    16 Dec 2019
    In December I held a book launch to coincide with a solo exhibition of prints from the book project “Sharrow Vale and the Antiques Quarter”.  The exhibition was held at the amazing Fly Tower building in Abbeydale Picture House. The picture house features heavily in the book so it was…

  3. Book Release - Sharrow Vale and the Antiques Quarter

    02 Dec 2019
    November saw the release of my latest book, “Sharrow Vale and the Antiques Quarter”. The book documents two changing communities in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield.  The book is published by The History Press and available Here

  4. Fujifilm X-Pro3 - The perfect street photography tool?

    27 Oct 2019
    Fuji’s X-Pro range has always been a favourite among Street photographers. The classic rangefinder design and discreet operation makes it perfect for capturing candid moments. The X-Pro3 continues this tradition and adds features that allows the photographer to stay in the moment Street photography is about the moment, being in…

  5. Getting to Know the Fujifilm X-Pro3

    23 Oct 2019
    I was fortunate to have early access to the Fuji X-Pro3, the latest offering from Fuji and spent roughly 4 days getting to know this new camera and exploring some of its new features. I began using Fuji cameras in 2012 with the original X100 and X-Pro1 and have always…

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