1. Off the Shelf: IOWA by Nancy Rexroth

    06 Apr 2020
    As we all have a bit of spare time on our hands I thought I would do a series looking at some of the photobooks currently on my shelves. These are not in any particular order, but it is an excuse to spend some time with books that I perhaps…

  2. Isolation

    04 Apr 2020
    This is an odd time to be alive what with most of the world in some form of lockdown.  What I have noticed from social media is that some people are chilled about it whilst others are anxious at the thought of being shut indoors. Personally I have embraced it,…

  3. London and Barbican Estate

    12 Mar 2020
    A few images from a recent weekend in London. It was not really a photo trip, but on the Sunday I visited the Barbican Estate. It was my first time visiting this area and it was a really interesting environment. Will definitely head back that way again.   

  4. Whinfell Quarry Garden Sheffield

    08 Mar 2020
    A few weeks ago I took the Yashicamat on a visit to Whinfell Quarry Gardens. It was my first time visiting this small disused quarry area on the outskirts of Sheffield. It some nice landscaped gardens and even a couple of giant red wood trees, which I always enjoy seeing…

  5. Camera testing and random film images

    20 Feb 2020
    I am currently working on a couple of new projects, both of which are in the planning/research stage. One part of this is deciding on the format that I will use to make the images. I have recently acquired two medium format cameras which offer different image formats and produce…

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