This is an odd time to be alive what with most of the world in some form of lockdown.  What I have noticed from social media is that some people are chilled about it whilst others are anxious at the thought of being shut indoors. Personally I have embraced it, accepting it for what it is. 

For the first week or so I have taken some time out, relaxed, caught up with some admin and read some books. Photographically there are obvious restrictions, but it doesn’t have to stifle creativity. I’ve been going through the archive and begun working on a couple of book/zine projects that I have been putting off for a while, whilst also documenting my experience of the lockdown. Its also probably a good time to evaluate my work and maybe think more critically about my practice, but that seems a bit hard at the moment.  

I have also been connecting more with the wider art community, which I found to be the most important thing. Just by reaching out and checking that people are ok can go a long way to breaking the isolation that we find ourselves in. 

Yesterday I took part in an impromptu instagram live with Al Palmer from Brown Owl Press (go buy some books!), the first time taking part in something like that. It got me thinking about having more video conversations about photography, something I will try to do more off over the coming weeks. If anyone wants to have a chat on one of the many services available get in touch and we can organise something. 

For now take care and keep safe. 

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