Fujifilm X-Pro3 - The perfect street photography tool?

Fuji’s X-Pro range has always been a favourite among Street photographers. The classic rangefinder design and discreet operation makes it perfect for capturing candid moments. The X-Pro3 continues this tradition and adds features that allows the photographer to stay in the moment.

Street photography is about the moment, being in it and capturing it. Fuji have taken on board feedback and produced a camera that has been built to keep you shooting. With the X-Pro3 it is about the experience. The upgrades and new features are not much of an advancement over the X-Pro2 and when it comes to Street Photography anything you can do with the X-Pro3 you can pretty much do with the older camera.

Where the X-Pro3 excels is in the shooting experience and that is primarily to do with the hidden LCD. I have seen some very heated responses to the screen, some of it is a bit over the top, but the design of the screen is restrictive. The design makes it pretty redundant as a framing device with it only useful for low down shots and changing settings. I am probably the exact target for this camera, I very rarely use the LCD and on my X-Pro2 and often have the screen turned off. I found the small LCD useful, allowing me to glance at my settings quickly without drawing too much power from the battery. This also meant that the battery seemed to last longer. A whole day shooting with an X-Pro2 would eat up at least 2-3 batteries, where as the X-Pro3 used 1 and a bit each day I was shooting.

The Fuji X-Pro3 is designed for street photography, it’s discreet design and quiet operation is perfect for that style of shooting. The optical viewfinder has been updated making it slightly larger and brighter. Overall it makes slightly more comfortable for longer periods. It also allows more room to frame shots and keep an eye on what is entering the frame.

The new Classic Negative film simulation works quite nicely on the streets and produces some nice tones. I am not sure about the colours myself, but I have seen a few people producing some nice results from it. 

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