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Its getting a bit noisy in here.

The other day I was sitting at my computer, a good hour had passed since I sat down with my first coffee of the day. I had my to do list next to me, but i had not even started on that yet. Why I hear you ask, I wish I could give you reasons, but honesty is the best practice.  In between the "Which disney Character are you?" (Aladdin for your reference) and "Some bloke pulled his pants down in a library, what happened next blew me away" I had wasted an hour of my life trawling the depths of Facebook. Like no other social network, Facebook has been both a blessing and a hindrance. It has played an important role in the building of certain parts of my career over the past six years and it has been invaluable in meeting people and creating connections. Recently it seems to have changed, or I have only just started to notice the sheer waste of space it has become.  For some people Facebook still represents a reliable business platform, for other people it has become like one of those clubs that start playing Abba so loud you can't talk, but you are too damn tired to leave as you have a comfy seat.  

I am one of the latter people.  I am so comfy there, but the noise is beginning to get too much that it is beginning to affect my focus.  I find myself wanting a piece of that Facebook club all the time. A break in the conversation, i'll go to Facebook, Adverts on tv, its ok I have Facebook.  Recently I have also found myself pressing that little button on my phone just after shutting down Facebook on my computer. I'm not even looking for anything, 

Part of social media, for me, is inspiration, there are a lot of talented people out there and Social media enables us to keep up to date and continually inspire and push us.  However I can't remember the last time I saw something that inspired me on Facebook. Considering how often I am on there, it seems like a real waste of time.  I have been spending a bit more time on 500px and Instagram and these are far more rewarding in terms of inspiration and content.  I try to only follow photographers I like and this helps massively.  The photos are the main focus, where as Facebook is more about likes and pats on the back (summed up by the horrific compression of images). I even find twitter has more relevant information on it and is better for networking. 

This has lead me to my current decision to leave Facebook, probably not for good, but I am going to deactivate my account for a month and clear my head from all  this noise.  I am going to devote more time to other things like actually networking and looking at inspirational content. 

I know some of you are now worrying about how you will get in touch with me, but don't worry I will list all the places you can still find me.  Controversially my Facebook Page will still be active and will receive updates with current work etc. 

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