Penshaw Monument

Siobhan at Penshaw Monument

Even with a studio it is nice to get out and do some location work, however this turned out to be much harder work than originally anticipated. We had decided a few weeks back to shoot at Penshaw Monument just outside of Newcastle. We put the idea to a local model, Siobhan who we had wanted to shoot with for a fair while, and she was up for it. Once up there though things did not really work in our favour as the gorgeous evening light which we were hoping to work with disappeared behind the biggest black cloud ever and the wind really picked up.Anyway we plodded away and came out of the experience with a couple of good shots. On location I tend to work with speedlights on non commercial jobs, mainly for portability and convenience. I use Nikon so my trusty friend here is a SB900 with a Lastolite softbox. The Monument had some nice lighting going on, in order to capture it and the remnants of the lasting light from the sky I needed to increase the ISO and drag the shutter on my D3 as much as possible. Some shutter speeds were down to 1/15th!

Thanks for reading and any comments and questions are welcome.