From The Archive - South Africa

Welcome to the first in a series of posts where I revisit some of my older work. As some of you know I started out as photojournalist and documentary photographer and this work makes up most of my back catalogue. Some post will be coherent collections, but some might just be full of individual images.This first post shows a collection I took whilst visiting the townships around cape town in South Africa. Some of images were shot in conjunction with the charity that ran the orphanage featured in the collection. It was an eye opening experience and I feel grateful that I had the chance to shoot there and to listen to the stories of those living well below the poverty line. I know first hand that the townships can be dangerous places to be and I realise that I was somewhat lucky to return home without any major incident. For the most part, though, I was made to feel welcome and people spoke to me without much hesitation, offerings of beer and food was often extended and although this never quite dispelled the feeling of imminent danger it was still one the best experience of my life so far. I hope, one day, to go back and carry on documenting this wonderful part of the world.

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Al Palmer - Coastal

From my blog you can probably tell that I am quite into fashion photography, but I do appreciate good photography of all kinds. Al Palmer is a good friend of mine and his work differs considerably from my own and although not all to my tastes his work is very good. The coastal project has inspired me to start working on some projects of my own. In these images I really like the tranquil yet brooding nature of the images which instantly screams England, but yet could really be anywhere. Anyway enjoy the images and hopefully we will see more from this project in future.

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Find more about Al Palmer and his work at www.alpalmer.co.uk and read his blog at http://shoutingtocommunicate.wordpress.com