Making a Pointe

Of late I have been receiving a few enquiries relating to dance images and dancer profiles and it was something that I was looking to do more of this year. When the first opportunity presented itself I decided to try out an idea that had been lingering in the back of my mind. I liked the idea of shooting with a backdrop of a local landmark and on a shoot earlier this year I spotted this location. On that day the sun was breaking through the clouds and was bathing the Tyne Bridge in a beautiful pink light, and that was what I wanted.When shooting on location you very rarely get everything you want and on this occasion there was no wonderful sunlight on the bridge just a vast expanse of white sky. I still had a job to do and set about working with a very talented dancer (and seemingly a very good rock climber) Ashley. Ashley worked hard and was very enthusiastic about trying different things, which was great considering it was quite cold and dull.

We went straight in with trying to create my vision and I have to say that although the results are still good they were not exactly what I was after, only due to the lack of sun in background.

We then tried a few different ideas and came out with a couple of nice images.

In our workshops we try to press home the importance of exploring all shots around your subject. By leaving the lights and subject in the same place and the photographer moving around the subject you find different angles and effects.

A couple of days ago Alien Skins released their latest version of Exposure, Exposure 4. I used v3 a fair bit and was interested in seeing what would have changed. I have only had a couple of hours with the software and will release a full review in due course, but here is a sample of some of the effects you can play with.

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