Bryony De Souza


As part of a studio open day we welcomed Bryony into the studio to take part in a lighting demo.

Once again the lighting was kept very simple to begin with using a softbox and umbrella combination similar to the one mentioned in my previous post with Laura. I won't dwell on it other than to reiterate how good this lighting set up is for some nice classical portraits.

We then introduced a third light into the setup. We wanted more of a fashion look to this one so we went with soft box as a key light with an umbrella filling in the shadows caused by the hat. There was a second softbox at a 45 degree angle behind the model camera right.

For a change I demoed the silver reflective umbrella, which is not something I use a lot, but it can be useful especially with a subject who has darker skin and any jewellery, as it really makes things glisten. In this case its the effect on Bryony's black hair that I really like.

Then for a complete change we broke out the orange background and really went for a summery look, involving the wind machine.

This bright and cheerful look was created by very simply having the octabox almost 45 degrees in front of the model camera right, and having a strobe with a barn door lighting the background, creating a very light halo effect around Bryony. This worked well to provide a nice even lighting whilst still having a bit of texture using a bit of contrast.

And Finally.......

One very important aspect to remember when photographing people is to explore every angle. The whole atmosphere can change just by moving around the model, in this case shooting from the shadow side has created a nice low key portrait, resulting in something a little different.

Thanks for reading. Any feedback or questions are welcome