Lu in the studio

The other day I had my first proper shoot in the new studio and also with the new gray background that we have installed. I contacted Lu as I had been looking to shoot with her for a while and she jumped at the chance to do a test shoot. Lu is a beautiful model and a lovely person as well. She was very energetic and was willing to give any ideas a go.Lu brought her own outfits and we decided to start with a smart style. We introduced some movment into the images to make them a bit more dynamic. We began by shooting with a silver umbrella, but this just didn't suit the looke that we were trying to achieve so we switch to the large Octabox.


Lu Lo 17-03-201200055

Lu Lo 17-03-201200073

We then tried some different posing.

Lu Lo 17-03-201200032

We then tried a different outfit and decided to shoot against one of the patterened backgrounds that we have installed. Again this was shot with the Octabox, but this time the aperture was dropped to f4 to blur the background.

Lu Lo 17-03-201200117


Lu Lo 17-03-201200111

We then moved back to the grey and introduced a prop in the way of our office chair, which worked quite well and offered something a bit different.

Lu Lo 17-03-201200142

Lu Lo 17-03-201200154

Lu Lo 17-03-201200159


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