Veiled Rebellion: Women in Afghanistan by Lynsey Addario

Lynsey Addario has visited Afghanistan a number of times, making her first trip in May 2000.  She went to document the lives of women under the Taliban regime.  From the early images it is easy to see that women were an almost invisible section of society.  Limited to grabbed images or confined to the home.Over the last decade Addario has visited Afghanistan at least once and year.  The images taken after the fall of the Taliban are what tell the real story of what life must have been like before hand.  The images become more expressive and the women featured in the images are often holding more important roles within them.  The images also show the role in which female NATO troops have had with encouraging this change.  This was something I was personally unaware of before visiting the exhibition.

There are some moving images in this collection, no more so than the images of self inflicted harm that show the lengths some women will go to to try and escape an oppressive marriage.

The collection is currently on display at the Side Gallery until the 13th September and is well worth a look.

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