Morocco Day 4: Exploring the Atlas Mountains

On new years eve we booked a guide to take us up into the Atlas mountains.  The walk took us through amazing scenery and beautiful berber villages. It was certainly colder than I was expecting and we quickly started coming across piles of frozen snow.  

The villages on the route are beautifully isolated, with no roads.  The only modes of transport are feet or mules and it was a really tranquil experience wandering through the streets. 

After the walk we had a really good meal and joined in the new year celebrations at one of the local hotels. 

If you visit Morocco I would definitely recommend a trip to Imlil and take in the fresh mountain air.

 Berber village in the Atlas Mountains.

 Mules resting, Atlas Mountains.

 Local Guide preparing food for a group of walkers.

 Football Pitch, Atlas Mountains.

Whilst on the hike, I decided to try a couple of stitched landscape images. The below was taken as 6 images and stitched together in photoshop essentially making the resulting image equivalent to 80 megapixles. You can see a higher res file here.