Witness 8: Photojournalisms

Wow, it's been a really busy September. I've had a few trips and projects on which I will tell you about in the up coming blog posts.Today though, I just felt a bit bad for not blogging for over a month.

Any way I just wanted to blog about something I have read recently and found really interesting. I am a photojournalist by nature and one the biggest inspirations when I was starting out was Ed Kashi ( www.edkashi.com). His book on oil in the Niger delta was what made me realise the power of photography.

Anyway he has just released a new book and iPad app called Witness 8: Photojournalisms. The book contains excerpts from journals written by Ed to his wife between 1992-2010.

These are really intimate musings talking about the situations and sights as well as just general thoughts. At first it a feels a little uncomfortable reading things that were intended only for the eyes of his closest loved ones. What becomes apparent, though, is that these writings were meant more as a way for Ed to express his feelings and deal with what he had seen and photographed.

I found it really interesting and a rare insight into the world of a successful photojournalist and the confusion, stress and strain that it puts on your mind, body and relationships.

The iPad app is well worth a look at £2.99, it includes all the journals from the book, plus images and some multimedia pieces.

The accompanying multi media piece can be seen here Ed Kashi Photojournalisms

Thanks for reading, more to come.

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