Nick photoshoot

A few weeks ago I shot with Nick. Nick is a North East model and graphic designer.  I have been aware of Nicks modelling work for some time. The guy is all over the social networks and is a talented designer.   His day job is as Digital Director of Boxmodel digital media, and I have to say they do produce some high quality work.  If you are in the market for a new website or branding then check these guys out.Any way it was his modelling career that caused me to finally meet him one overcast saturday morning.  I managed to drag my assistant with me (my girlfriend, Sian) to meet at 9am.  We started on Newcastle's millennium bridge.

I had Sian holding an Sb900 speedlight with a lastolite ezybox attached.

Nick had riden into town on his old motor bike so we decided to use it as a prop.

Nick had mentioned a street behind the Sage that had been completely covered in graffiti, so we headed up there to utilise some of the colours.

For this last shot I used two flashes and experimented with using coloured gels on the second flash.  I placed it off to the right of the frame to fill in the shadows left by the key light.  I placed a blue gel on it add a certain grungy look to the scene.


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