Taking inspiration

I have found it increasingly important to go into shoots with a plan, especially if I am undertaking a free or TF shoot.  It helps to give focus and generally enables you to achieve more.  This brings me to the main point of this post.  Finding inspiration is an important part of being a photographer and is essential when first starting out.  When I began dabbling with off camera lighting, I did my research and found other photographers who's work inspired me.  Using this inspiration I learnt about lighting and technique, by copying their methods (not the same as copying their ideas) I was able hone my way of working.  I took great inspiration from the likes of Joe McNally and later Frank Doorhof.It was when looking for new inspiration I came across the work of photographer Gilbert Rossi, based in Australia.  The first couple of images in his fashion portfolio were the standout ones.  Featuring black models in very strong posing with selective lighting.  Anyway when I finally got chance to work with the beautiful Sithembile I knew where I was going for the inspiration for my shoot.

The following are my take on the idea and should not be thought of as attempts to directly copy Gilbert's style.




I also thought that Sithembile would suit Black and White (to be honest she would suit most images) and so I took a couple that I always intended to be B&W.  things were quite easy with Sithembile as she worked very hard changing up her posing etc. It was very difficult to take a bad shot.



Just about had enough time to grab some traditional beauty shots to really pick out the subtle but nice make up, provided on the this occasion by Carly Michelle Wallington.



Thanks for reading, please feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback.