Moving and Shooting

Well its been a hectic few weeks, which has caused this delay in blogging. Things have been moving very quickly. A couple of weeks back we went to have a look at a new studio space, with only a half hearted idea of actually moving. Well needless to say we are now installed in our new studio. Its all been a bit of a blur, but we are really happy that we have moved. This new studio is over twice the size of our old one and it really goes to highlight how squashed we were in there. 



We are now installed and open for business as it were.

Last week we held our first lighting workshop in the new studio. It was all very exciting. The workshop was held for members of a facebook group that we are activily invovled with and i am glad to say that everyone had a good time and hopefully learnt something. It was nice to meet the members of the group, who we had been chatting with for quite a while.

As I was demonstrating for most of the evening I didn't manage to grab too many images on the night, but I did get a couple of nice ones.




It was a fun evening and we will be hosting more of them in the future, so keep an eye on the Freedom Light Studio website for more information.  Our new studio is based in the Cloth Works Business centre, Industry road.


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