Vicky at the Black Rose Tattoo Studio.

Location shoots are always exciting because you are not always sure what the place will be like until you get there. I have been looking to shoot in a tatoo studio for a while, but I was really looking for the right place. Well today I finally managed to get the shoot done. Vicky put a posting on facebook, looking to do some dark themed pin up style shots and a friend of hers had a Tatoo studio we could use. So with the car packed I headed to just south of Durham, to Spennymoor. I had arranged to meet a few of the guys from our facebook group.The location was great, with a nice set retro funiture and plenty of space. Vicky was a great model and worked hard and we grabbed some nice shots. It was good to meet up and chat with the other guys too and it is always interesting to see how others work.












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