Faith on location - High level Bridge

When I came to write this post I realised that I hadn't written a blog since the end of November! December was a hectic month, what with Christmas and the dog ate my notebook (sorry regressing, I don't even have a dog). Anyway welcome to my first blog post of 2012!A few months ago I had my first wander across the High level bridge crossing over the tyne. I was struck by the archways and iron work and it very much reminded me of Paris for some reason, anyway all I new was I wanted to use it for a location shoot. The idea found its way to the back of my mind until another wander a few weeks ago brought it back to my attention (I don't spend all my time wandering, honest). I had been wanting to do more location shoots (as you do when the weather turns horrible) and decided to plan something.

Back in November I spoke to Faith, someone I had not shot before but was really impressed by her portfolio, she liked the idea and the plan was made. Anyway the day arrived and, as per usual with the good British weather, it was raining and blowing a gale. So that day we did the studio fashion shoot. I enjoyed working with faith and I think she liked the results, so when the idea popped up to try and reorganise a shoot on the High Level, she was the first port of contact. Happily she agreed.

On the morning of the shoot I was a little concerned as the wind was howling, but as the shoot was at 2pm I held my breath. Luckily the wind dropped and it turned into a pleasant afternoon.

As with all location shoots I like to start using available light and as the sun was nice and low and bathing the side of the bridge it gave us some nice directional light. I used a reflector to fill in the shadows a little bit.

I then introduced some flash and decided to shoot with the sun back lighting Faith. This worked well to bring out the colour of her hair.

A change of clothes later (thanks to the staff at the Bridge Hotel) and we were on to a more high fashion set up. At the end of the Bridge there is a balcony area and there is a lovely textured wall, which was amazing to shoot against. We lit the wall with a speedlight on a stand and lit the model with a small lastolite Eazybox on a hand held pole. I like working this way as you can shape and manipulate the light much easier than if it is on a stand. Obviously you do need somebody to hold it for you.

When processing the above image it really reminded me of an old Hollywood horror film still, especially with the pose and lighting. During processing I gave it a vintage look which added to that theme.

The main thing that attracted me to the bridge in the first place was the arched walkways along the side of the road. I just used a one light set up here and exposed to allow some the lovely available light to come through, so the image had more texture going into the background.

There was something about the above image that instantly reminded me of the Titanic (or at least that era of naval history) probably the Iron work and the repeating arches. It looks like it could be in the belly of a ship.

Thanks for reading and I promise it won't be such a long time before my next post. Here is a bonus shot from the shoot.