Winter break to the Lake District

Well I have been away for a few days to the lovely Lake District for a bit of relaxation with the better half. That was the plan anyway, it started out nice enough, driving through the lovely countryside. I was planning on doing a bit of landscape stuff as it is not something I do very often and is definitely not my strongest photographic genre.

As we approached the lakes it was obvious that things were going to be good as snow topped mountains and white fields came into view. What was unknown to us was that Mr Tom Tom, our guide on this journey, had decided to take us through said snow capped mountains. Bring on the Kirkstone pass. I have no doubt that in the months of summer this road is a thing of beauty and for anyone who likes to pretend they are Petter Solberg, driving heaven. On this day though it kind of resembled what I like to believe hell frozen over would look like. Snow and ice was being thrown at us from a very angry looking cloud at the summit which the road disappeared into. Our car gave a valiant effort, before we were forced to reverse back the way we came. Luckily for us a gritter came along, which meant we were able to continue on our journey.

Anyway the snow provided some breathtaking scenery and I did my best to do it justice.

Lake District-1


Lake District-2


Lake District-17


Lake District-3


Lake District-16


Lake District-4


Lake District-18


Lake District-5


Lake District-6


Lake District-7


Lake District-8


Lake District-19


Lake District-20


Lake District-9


Lake District-10


Lake District-21


Lake District-11


Lake District-12


Lake District-23


Lake District-22


Lake District-13


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