Tyneside Pension Strikes 30/11/2011

On wednesday I was lucky to be invited along by another pro photographer, Mark Pinder (www.markpinderphotography.co.uk), to photograph the Union pension strikes. He had been commisioned by three of the unions to photograph their picket lines and the march and rally.

So a busy day was in store for us as we met at 6:45am. We headed along to the first picket at the civic centre in newcastle, it was still pretty quiet at this point and still dark. It was very cold at this point and the camera felt like ice in my hands. We finished off here and moved on to the other picket lines. It was an interesting and busy morning.

At 11am we had finished all the picket lines and after a quick stop for a bacon sandwich, we headed off to the Gateshead civic centre for the start of the march. It was quite a turn out and the car ark at the civic centre was awash with different collections of colourful flags and banners and lots of noise. It was a good atmosphere and everybody was having a good time it seemed.

The march started and snaked its way through the streets of Gateshead and over the swing bridge towards the final destination of the spillers mill site.

The rally lasted a good couple of hours and there were a few speakers all with their political messages, some of which i did not quite agree with, but thats another story. Finally it all wrapped up about 14:30 and it was time to walk back to the car (still parked in Gateshead!!!) and go for some food.

All in all an interesting day.

Pension Strike-4995

Pension Strike-4996

Pension Strike-5017

Pension Strike-5029

Pension Strike-5031

Pension Strike-5042

Pension Strike-5053

Pension Strike-5075

Pension Strike-5078

Pension Strike-5081

Pension Strike-5089

Pension Strike-5091

Pension Strike-5096

Pension Strike-5148

Pension Strike-5173

Pension Strike-5182

Pension Strike-5190

Pension Strike-5209

Pension Strike-5223

Pension Strike-5397

Pension Strike-5401

Pension Strike-5414

Pension Strike-5442

Pension Strike-5476

Pension Strike-5567

Pension Strike-5569

Pension Strike-5570

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