We had an open day at the studio and we held a couple of studio demos. Laura was our first model of the day, she is notable figure on the North East burlesque scene (going by the name of Princess Pandora), but for this shoot we went for a grungy fashion styling.

First of all we started against a nice wallpaper backdrop using the Octabox in a very simple set up. Using the Octa you do not really need much else in terms of lighting. Positioning is the key with it, because the light can easily wrap around a subject creating a lovely soft light.

As I said a very simple lighting set up, but it produces a lovely light.

We then went for a more high key fashion look using a softbox and umbrella combo. In this set up the sofbox acted as the key or main light with the umbrella providing the fill. It is important to have the fill at least 1 stop lower than the main light otherwise the lighting will appear flat. When using a light meter with a two light set up such as this, especially when using an umbrella, it can be easier to measure the lights separately. Turning one off and measuring and then turning the other off and measuring. This provides a more accurate reading. I also tend to measure towards the light as opposed to towards the camera. This enables me to make sure I have no blown hotspots in my image.

For the last one we turned on the wind machine and added a cross processing filter in post production.

Thanks for reading.