Abi workshop

Today we were lucky to have Abi in our studio for a workshop. She is a brilliant model and is always a pleasure to shoot. She has been seeing a bit of success of late with her modelling career, with some high profile work coming up. It was privilege to shoot with her and wish all the best with her career.We started the workshop with a classical portrait lighting set up, using a softbox above and an umbrella below, producing what is known as the clam shell set up. Its not the most exciting set up, but it does produce pleasing results in most circumstance. It produces very even coverage, with the upper softbox used as the keylight with the umbrella being used to fill any wrinkles or bags under the eyes (Abi has very few of these anyway). In this situation it is best to have the fill light a stop lower than the key light so as not to produce a completely flat image. As you can see below, there is still some texture in the lighting that still makes it interesting.

Now personally I prefer a higher contrast look and for this I like to use the Octa, as it produces very soft light and has a nice light fall off.

Thanks for reading, any questions and feedback are welcome.