Steve McCurry

As I have mentioned a few times in previous blog post, I am a big fan of photojournalism and have taken a large part of my inspiration from it. A few weeks back I posted about one my all time favourite photographers Sebastiao Salgado, well here is another of my favourite photographers, Steve McCurry. What I admire about his work is the connection he has with his subject, especially in his portraits. He often builds relationships with his subjects, even if he is only with them for ten minutes, allowing him to capture people in a natural way. He gets invited into a moment of their life and when viewing the image we are also transplanted there.It's amazing stuff, but I have to admit that I have only recently began studying his work in more detail. I have always been aware of his famous work such as the "afghan girl" and the "smoking miner", but it's his consistency that is truly awe inspiring. Shot after shot is pure gold, obviously we don't get to see the bad frames in between, but if I could put together a collection that was half as good at the end of my career I would be happy.







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