For a recent one to one workshop we took Danielle into the centre of Newcastle. The theme of the workshop was to be Winter Fashion, so bring out the big coats. As it was the weather was more windy than winter, but we made the most of our urban location.During such workshops we usually start with some images using natural lighting as it is very important to learn how to use ambient lighting to create some nice images. Our model today was Danielle and she is really good to work with as she will pose all day and will help by providing ideas during the shoot. This makes the shoot move along easily.

We then try some simple ideas using one speedlight, first via TTL then using radio triggers. Once you have a set up it is important to explore all positions around the subject, shooting from different angles as this will result in some different looks.

Moving on we try some different locations and introduce more complex lighting setups by using a hair light, to give a bit of texture to the image. In the final location, inside an empty shopping arcade, it was really effective dragging the shutter and introducing some of the ambient light from the spots in the roof.

Finally I tried a technique of introducing a bit of flair into the shot to try and give it a frosty look. It sort of works, but let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.