We recently had Lilith in the studio and had a very enjoyable shoot. Lilith is a beautiful model that has a variety of looks due to her short brightly coloured and collection of wigs. We wanted something a bit different and grungy and Lilith fitted the bill perfectly.We started with one light and a grid to get some really hard directional light. With a model such as Lilith this worked a treat due the structure of her face which has nice strong features. This lighting set up does not work with all models so you have to judge that, you might end up with a very unhappy model and they can be vicious (only joking). With this sort of lighting you have to really work the lightmeter to work out your hotspots because the light is so directional. I was measuring f8 on the models face, but f11 on her breast area. Taking just one meter reading would have led to a hotspot on her chest, which is not where we really wanted it.

We then added a rim light to add some more depth to the shot. For this I usually have the rim light about a stop lower than the key light, but changing the power creates different effects so it is worth trying different light ratios.

Shooting in the studio is good, but sometimes its fun to add a bit of scenery, luckily the studio is surrounded by interesting corridors and stairs. Lilith put on one of her wigs and we went for a more straight up fashion shot, which is something the model wanted for her portfolio. luckily she had brought with her this fantastic blue dress that went with the location really well.

I have to admit I don't do an awful lot of Glamour stuff so this last part of the shoot was reasonably new to me but here is one shot the set.

Thanks for reading. Comments and questions always welcome.