Felicity and Lucy

This week we had Felicity and Lucy in the studio. I don't do too many free (tfcd) shoots at the moment as the schedule is pretty tight, but when Felicity contacted me saying that her friend was visiting from Swindon and were looking for a shoot I thought what the hey. Essentially I took on photography as a job because I loved it and sometimes it is nice to just shoot without the pressure of deadlines and briefs. Plus I had a new strip softbox and a barn door grid set that I was dying to test out.Anyway here are a few from the shoot, as always I look forward to hearing comments and thoughts on the images.

First off we did some standard fashion stuff. I am really liking High contrast images at the moment and this was how I started using the Octabox as key light and the new strip as an accent light.

Felicity then wanted to try and get some fashion shots similar to the current trend in tight advertising, so with this I just used the octa as the key light and a small softbox as fill. This gives much flatter lighting in keeping with the ideas we had.

We then finished off with some standard fashion shots, which were some of my favourites from the evening

Thanks for reading.